Installation Guide

Stable (2.x)

Using PIP

pip install -U aiogram

Using Pipenv

pipenv install aiogram

Using poetry

poetry add aiogram

Using AUR

aiogram is also available in Arch User Repository, so you can install this framework on any Arch-based distribution like ArchLinux, Antergos, Manjaro, etc. To do this, use your favorite AUR-helper and install python-aiogram package.

Development build (3.x)

From private PyPi index

On every push to the dev-3.x branch GitHub Actions build the package and publish to the server with seems like official PyPi files structure. That's mean you can always install latest (may be unstable) build via next command:

pip install --extra-index-url --pre aiogram

In this repository available only last success build. All previous builds is always removes before uploading new one. Also before building this package all tests is also pass.