This object contains basic information about a successful payment.


Name Type Description
currency str Three-letter ISO 4217 currency code
total_amount int Total price in the smallest units of the currency (integer, not float/double). For example, for a price of US$ 1.45 pass amount = 145. See the exp parameter in currencies.json, it shows the number of digits past the decimal point for each currency (2 for the majority of currencies).
invoice_payload str Bot specified invoice payload
telegram_payment_charge_id str Telegram payment identifier
provider_payment_charge_id str Provider payment identifier
shipping_option_id Optional[str] Optional. Identifier of the shipping option chosen by the user
order_info Optional[OrderInfo] Optional. Order info provided by the user


  • from aiogram.types import SuccessfulPayment
  • from aiogram.api.types import SuccessfulPayment
  • from aiogram.api.types.successful_payment import SuccessfulPayment