This object represents a sticker.


Name Type Description
file_id str Identifier for this file, which can be used to download or reuse the file
file_unique_id str Unique identifier for this file, which is supposed to be the same over time and for different bots. Can't be used to download or reuse the file.
width int Sticker width
height int Sticker height
is_animated bool True, if the sticker is animated
thumb Optional[PhotoSize] Optional. Sticker thumbnail in the .WEBP or .JPG format
emoji Optional[str] Optional. Emoji associated with the sticker
set_name Optional[str] Optional. Name of the sticker set to which the sticker belongs
mask_position Optional[MaskPosition] Optional. For mask stickers, the position where the mask should be placed
file_size Optional[int] Optional. File size


  • from aiogram.types import Sticker
  • from aiogram.api.types import Sticker
  • from aiogram.api.types.sticker import Sticker