This object describes the position on faces where a mask should be placed by default.


Name Type Description
point str The part of the face relative to which the mask should be placed. One of 'forehead', 'eyes', 'mouth', or 'chin'.
x_shift float Shift by X-axis measured in widths of the mask scaled to the face size, from left to right. For example, choosing -1.0 will place mask just to the left of the default mask position.
y_shift float Shift by Y-axis measured in heights of the mask scaled to the face size, from top to bottom. For example, 1.0 will place the mask just below the default mask position.
scale float Mask scaling coefficient. For example, 2.0 means double size.


  • from aiogram.types import MaskPosition
  • from aiogram.api.types import MaskPosition
  • from aiogram.api.types.mask_position import MaskPosition