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Represents a link to a sticker stored on the Telegram servers. By default, this sticker will be sent by the user. Alternatively, you can use input_message_content to send a message with the specified content instead of the sticker.

Note: This will only work in Telegram versions released after 9 April, 2016 for static stickers and after 06 July, 2019 for animated stickers. Older clients will ignore them.


Name Type Description
type str Type of the result, must be sticker
id str Unique identifier for this result, 1-64 bytes
sticker_file_id str A valid file identifier of the sticker
reply_markup Optional[InlineKeyboardMarkup] Optional. Inline keyboard attached to the message
input_message_content Optional[InputMessageContent] Optional. Content of the message to be sent instead of the sticker


  • from aiogram.types import InlineQueryResultCachedSticker
  • from aiogram.api.types import InlineQueryResultCachedSticker
  • from aiogram.api.types.inline_query_result_cached_sticker import InlineQueryResultCachedSticker