Use this method to upload a .PNG file with a sticker for later use in createNewStickerSet and addStickerToSet methods (can be used multiple times). Returns the uploaded File on success.


Name Type Description
user_id int User identifier of sticker file owner
png_sticker InputFile PNG image with the sticker, must be up to 512 kilobytes in size, dimensions must not exceed 512px, and either width or height must be exactly 512px.


Type: File

Description: Returns the uploaded File on success.


As bot method

result: File = await bot.upload_sticker_file(...)

Method as object


  • from aiogram.methods import UploadStickerFile
  • from aiogram.api.methods import UploadStickerFile
  • from aiogram.api.methods.upload_sticker_file import UploadStickerFile

In handlers with current bot

result: File = await UploadStickerFile(...)

With specific bot

result: File = await bot(UploadStickerFile(...))